Car Accident & Work Injury Physicians

Specialized Pain Management

Our team of extensively trained physicians focuses on diagnosing and managing pain from car accidents and work-related injuries, ensuring personalized and thorough care.

Strong Patient Relationships

We foster strong patient relationships by attentively listening and addressing all queries, ensuring comprehensive understanding of their needs and concerns.

Personalized Recovery Plans

We prioritize individualized care, collaborating closely with patients and their provider to develop tailored treatment strategies that align with their recovery goals.

Car Accident & Work Injury Services

Our experienced team specializes in treating injuries resulting from car accidents and workplace incidents. We provide expert care tailored to your specific needs, ensuring a swift and effective recovery.

Conditions We Treat:

Sciatica and pinched nerve in the neck

Disc herniation and other disc disorders

Other nerve entrapment syndromes

Myofascial and neuropathic pain syndromes

Post-concussive syndrome associated with mild traumatic brain injury

Neck & Back Pain

Shoulder, hip, knee, and other joint injuries

Traumatic Facet Joint Injury

Thoracic outlet syndrome

Other Spinal Related Disorders

Why Choose Us?

Through extended appointments, we allocate ample time to comprehend your medical concerns.

Our priority is to actively listen and comprehend your medical needs. As a patient at our clinic, you're more than just a name on a chart. You seek assistance, often in discomfort or due to limitations hindering your enjoyment of life. It's our commitment to provide dedicated attention for as long as necessary to aid in your recovery and well-being.

Car Accident & Work Injury Treatment

Personalized Care

Comprehensive Medical Clinic

Board Certified Physicians

Strong Initial Diagnostics

Non-invasive Therapies

Regenerative Medicine

Advanced Brain Injury Testing

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WHO WE ARE: We are a holistic medical clinic specializing in physical medicine and rehabilitation (PM&R), catering to individuals recovering from motor vehicle or workplace injuries. Our approach prioritizes individualized care, commencing with thorough diagnostics and non-invasive therapies. Advanced treatments are pursued only when deemed essential. Collaboration is key to our practice, as we seamlessly coordinate with various healthcare providers, including chiropractors, physical therapists, massage therapists, acupuncturists, naturopaths, family physicians, and surgical specialists. Leveraging our expertise as interventional physiatrists, we often act as guides, assisting patients through recommended treatments from other providers.


WHAT WE OFFER: Our dedicated team of extensively trained physicians focuses on diagnosing and managing musculoskeletal pain stemming from car accidents or work-related injuries. As interventional practitioners, we’re dedicated to delivering thorough and personalized care, aiding our patients in their recovery journey and restoration of their quality of life.

Emphasizing collaboration, we foster strong patient relationships to comprehensively grasp their individual needs and worries. We prioritize attentive listening, addressing any queries our patients may raise, and collaborate closely with them to develop tailored treatment strategies that match their objectives.